ZX6R rearsets - Kawasaki ZX6R Ninja rearsets 2005-2010

Buy rearsets for your Kawasaki ZX6R ninja online at Rearsets.co.uk. Fully adjustable aftermarket billet aircraft aluminum rearsets for Kawasaki ZX6R ninja 2005-2010.

ZX6R rearsets

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Rearsets for Kawasaki motorcycles

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Hydraulic banjo brake light switch

Hydraulic in-line banjo brake light switch for Suzuki
Banjo brake light switch for Kawasaki ZX6R 2005-2010

Kawasaki ZX6 Carbon Fiber Heel Plates


Top quality shifter linkage
Not only are the Lust Racing rearsets beautifully designed they are well engineered also! Top quality heim joints for the shifter bars, and rear brake lever to master cylinder connector, not a cheap pressed steel plate like on Gilles rearsets!

Top quality lever bearings
Rear brake lever and shifters are fitted with ABEC-5 sealed bearings on Lust Racing rearsets. Same top quality bearings are used for top of the line roller-scates. Again other manufacturers often only have an grease groove and the footpeg stem is directly used as bearing surface - not so on Lust Rearsets! Again a well designed detail not found on other brands.

Extra deep knurled foot-pegs!

Some aftermarket rearsets have far to fine knurling on the footpegs. The result? The footpegs wear out prematurely causing them to be extremely slippery especially in wet weather conditions. Again Lust Racing made their rearsets with extra deep-knurled footpegs not found on any other brand. Lust also made their footpegs round. Why? Should they wear you can rotate them for new more grippy knurling. Brilliant!

NEW Titanium color!
Lust Racing GSX-R600 rearsets are available in the Titanium Gunmetal color.
The Titanium Gun Metal color is NOT "silver like" but rather the same shade as ARMY M14 machine-gun, bloody good looking in our opinion! Refer to pictures on the manufacturers site.

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Lust Racing rearsets - State of the art rearsets

Lust Racing rearsets are top of the line products featured in Performance Bikes magazine and Streetfighters Magazine. Aftermarket rearsets like these made by Lust Racing allows the rider to adjust the position of the motorcycles footpegs and foot operated controls namely the gear shifter and brake pedal.
Rearsets provide the benefit of increased ground clearance allowing larger lean angles thorugh bends. Further the rider has can adjust the rearsets so that he or she finds the most comfortable riding position. Most importantly when the rider has a proper riding position it enhances the ability to control the motorcycle even at extreme speeds, when split seconds count.
The enhanced control springs also confidence in the rider which is important to set the quickest lap times on track. Last but perhaps not least, high quality aftermaket rearsets makes the motorcyle more personal and greatly enhances the looks of the bike, giving it real racing looks and control.

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Selecting rearsets
When buying rearsets it is worth to select a brand you can get spares for. No matter do you ride on normal roads or on race tracks you should consider this important factor. If you do track-days the undesirable of dropping the bike may happen. A low-side or a high-side, or just another off, it does not matter really. But if you damage your rearsets it is good to know you get spares. Some brands you have to buy a complete new set of rearsets! You can buy with confidence Lust Racing provides spares for their rearsets, this is an very important factor when deciding what brand of rearsets you buy.
Lust Racing site.

Harris and Gilles footpegs

The extra deep knurled Lust Racing footpegs became so popular that customers requested similar footpegs for other brands of rearsets! Lust decided to make footpegs also for other brands mainly to help fellow bikers of safety reasons. If you ever done it You know that you do not want to slip from your pegs mid-corner! You get extra deep knurled footpegs from Lust Racing for Harris and Gilles rearsets. The best news, these superior Lust Racing footpegs are about half the price than Gilles and Harris pegs!
Footpegs for Gilles rearsets
Foorpegs for Harris rearsets
Footpegs for Harris rearsets available in Black and plain Aluminum (silver).

Suzuki GSXR rearsets
We provide rearsets for other GSXR models also: GSXR750 and GSXR1000.
GSXR rearsets

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